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Dr. L. R. S. Girinadh
MD., DM.

Sri Surya Gastro & Liver Centre, Opposite Shree Medical Centre, KGH to Beach Down Road, Near Collector Office, Maharanipeta, Visakhapatnam.


  0891-2509441,  9985355099

Dr. Murali Krishna P
MD., DM.

Manikya Institute of Gastroentrology & Hepatology, MVV Chambers, KGH OP Gate Bus Stop, Maharanipeta, Visakhapatnam-53002. AP., India.


  0891-2562767,  90320 32000

Dr. Sathyanarayana G.

Care Hospital, Waltair Mn Rd., Visakhapatnam-530002. AP., India.


  0891-6645105,  94408 58321

Dr. Chalapathi Rao A.S
, MD (PGI, Chandigarh), DM (PGI, Chandigarh)

Queen\'s NRI Hospital, Gurudwara Road, Seethammadhara, Visakhapatnam-530013.AP., India.


  09908258905,  09908258905

Dr. Pedaveerraju E
MD., DM.

Mediworld, Colectrate Jn., Maharanipeta, Visakhapatnam-530002. AP., India.


  0891 2566696,  0891 2558652

Dr. C. Sreenivasa Baba

Baba Liver Gastro & Gynaec Centre, RR Towers, KGH UP rd., Maharanipeta, Visakhapatnam-530002. AP., India.


  0891-2521836,  94418 21898

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